Are you looking for credible church fundraising ideas, so that your congregation can have greater Ministry and/or Missions Programs? If so, can help! Cell phone/PDA and inkjet cartridge recycling is such an easy church fund raiser; all you have to do is set up collection boxes and then tell people about why your Church is trying to raise funds! Your church fundraising effort can raise significant amounts of money for any of your church fundraising Ideas and no one has to sell anything or is asking for additional funds! makes Christian fundraising so easy, many religious fundraising groups have generated considerable amounts of money recycling cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges by simply reaching out to the sheer number of Church members who use and need to recycle those items each and every day. Church fundraising is a breeze when collecting cell phones/PDA and inkjet cartridges since churches offer frequent messaging to their congregation and have such fabulous Ministry/Mission goals to achieve!

In todayís technological environment both used cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges are plentiful at home, school and the office place of church members who support their church fundraising ideas or new church fundraisers! Most US households today have between 3 and 5 used cell phones/PDAs sitting in drawers or toy boxes. Many homes have 5 to 10 inkjet cartridges sitting around collecting dust too! is the perfect Christian fundraising idea, as you can collect and recycle items to create fundraising for on-going Ministry projects, fundraising for missions, mission trip fundraising, or even missionary fundraising. In that many churches teach stewardship, we all need to be talking about stewardship of Godís green earth and how we have responsibility for protecting that too!

Your congregation can be a part of helping to educate society about the importance of recycling of cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges by having successful fundraiser programs at church! recycling church fundraiser events are critically important to the future of the earth, as each cell phone contains a minimum of eight toxic elements and can pollute up to 35,000 gallons of water, if it gets into the landfill. Thatís enough water for 153 people for one year! All from just fromone cell phone/PDA! How many cell phones/PDAs have you had? How many cell phones/PDAs has your entire church fundraising congregation or Christian school fundraising group, Bible School Attendees, or Youth Camp attendees used?

In the United States alone, we have already retired more than 500,000,000 cell phones and PDAs. Every month another 10,000,000 cell phones/PDAs are retired. This is seemingly a never-ending supply. It takes 2 oz. of oil to make one inkjet cartridge. We MUST begin to educate people on how important it is to recycle every one of these items. By sending out email messages to your church fundraising congregation, you can raise funds quickly and without creating additional harm to the environment. You wonít even have to print a notice, if you have the email addresses of your church fundraising constituency, you can share your church fundraising ideas of recycling cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges online. If your church fundraising group has a Facebook page or Twitter following you can post your Church fundraiser online. If some of your church fundraising fans are on Facebook, they can post your church fundraiser cause on their Facebook page or to ReTweet your message, to get your message out! New church fundraiser teams can do this too!

If your church has a website or a Twitter following, post your recycling church fundraiser idea there too. is the best way for church fund raising groups to raise funds and save the planet at the same time! is the fast, fun, free and easy church fund raising program! This is so simple, you send us phones, and we send you checks!

How to Raise Money for Your Church Fundraisers

Listed below are excellent examples of church fundraisers used by Christian fundraising congregations, as well as others, to raise significant amounts of money via their church fundraising efforts.

  1. Set up a collection box in Church office. Make fabulous church fundraising signs announcing your Ministry or Mission goal by either printing off flyers from the Resource Center tab, or create your own fabulous church fundraising signs. Place pictures of the kids at camp, the Missionary you are sponsoring or some visual of your goal on the boxes!
  2. Announce at every church service, for one month, this awesome church fundraising ideaÖto bring your cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges to the collection box. Be sure and have the church fund raising collection box available right by the doors as folks come and go from your services.
  3. Place an announcement in your Bulletin for six Sundayís in a row. If your church uses Big Screens have your media person make a Big Screen announcement too!
  4. Select a group to talk to each Sunday School Class/Bible Study or Small Group and then visit those groups for the following two weeks to pick up the collected cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges.
  5. is an excellent bible school or vacation bible school fundraiser. Each attending child can usually bring at least one used cell phone and one used ink just cartridge. Many children who have parents who work at high tech businesses, can secure large amounts of used cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges.
  6. If you looking for youth mission trips fundraising ideas, can help there too! Have each youth who is participating collect 25 used cell phones/PDAs or inkjet cartridges.
  7. For a new church fundraiser, assign each church fundraising team member a specific target of items to collect. Between cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges each person, on your ministry or missionary team, should be able to reach out to their friends, family and neighbors and collect at least 40 Ė 50 items.
  8. You could have your church fundraising team participate in a door-to-door collection in your community. In an economy when people donít seem to have a ton of money to give, asking for used cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges is the easiest door-to-door church fundraising idea you could do!
  9. Tell others about how great your church fundraising idea is, by blogging about it on your blog and posting it on your Facebook page! You can also share your story with us , and we might select your story to be on our Featured Fundraiser page!

Start Your Church Fundraising Now

If your church fundraising team and/or church mission trip fundraising team needs to earn a lot of money fast, is the free, quick and easy church fund raising Idea, even in this downturn economy. Your church fundraising team members are not asking for additional funds they are just collecting recyclable items such as cell phones/ PDAs and inkjet cartridges. In addition to helping raise funds, they are helping to keep the fabulous earth God gave us clean! is a no cost church fund raising Idea! Your church fundraising congregation sends us phones and we send your church fundraising team and/or church mission trip fundraising team cash within 10 days of receiving your shipment! Recycling cell phones/PDAs and inkjet cartridges will earn your church fundraising team money and help save the world!

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