Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Phoneraiser right for everyone?

Phoneraiser is the best way to raise significant amounts of money for your organization while being good to the earth! Cell phone/ PDA’s and inkjet cartridges recycling helps change lives for the better in many ways!

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Can any type of organization sign up for the Phoneraiser program?
Phoneraiser is designed to help any organization (school, church, youth group, choir, non profit, business, club, Boy Scout troop, Girl Scout troop, band, cheerleading squad, soccer team, individual, etc.) raise money, while protecting the environment, through the collection of used cell phones/PDA’s and inkjet cartridges. Individuals can also sign up to conduct a Phoneraiser.

What types of cell phones/Smartphones and inkjet cartridges does Phoneraiser accept?

Phoneraiser accepts every brand of inkjet cartridge and cell phone/PDA’s that you send, working and non-working. Please see the price list to view the models that we pay for when the cell phone/PDA’s and/or inkjets qualify. If a phone cannot be reused in another market, Phoneraiser will absorb the cost of properly recycling it in accordance with state and federal EPA guidelines.

What is considered a “qualifying” cell phone/Smart Phones and a “qualifying” inkjet cartridge?

Cell phone/Smart Phones prices are volatile and subject to change. To qualify for payment, a cell phone/Smart Phones must power up, make a test call, have an undamaged LCD screen, must not have any water damage and be included in our price list. The cell phone/Smart Phones should not be damaged beyond normal wear. Clear off all personal information from cell phone/Smart Phones. Cartridges must not be broken, i.e. cartridge case, circuitry, or print head. Refilled cartridges are considered broken. Please pack carefully. Remember, you can send all types of cell phones/Smart Phones and/or inkjet cartridges to Phoneraiser. If they do not qualify, they will be disposed of properly. If a cartridge is larger than the palm of your hand, it is not an inkjet.

Do you accept accessories such as earpieces, owner’s manuals, and chargers?
No, Phoneraiser does not accept accessories such as earpieces, chargers, manuals, etc. Boxes that are primarily filled with accessories will be charged a $30 shipping fee. However, Phoneraiser encourages you to include the cell phone/PDA’s batteries with your shipment, as batteries contain many toxic substances and should be recycled properly.

How do I package and ship the cell phones/Smartphones?

When you have gathered several cell phones/PDA’s and/or inkjet cartridges, you can ship them to us. Use the prepaid FedEx labels that we sent to you when you registered. Email a request to (include your full name, organization name, mailing address, and phone number in the email) or call 1-800-873-8908 and tell us you need more labels, and we will send them within 48 hours.

When your shipment is ready:

  • Place all the cell phones/PDA's in a sturdy cardboard box you can find
  • If you have any inkjet cartridges, place them in a plastic sack so they don’t leak ink onto the other items – then place the sack in the box with the cell phones/PDA’s
  • Stuff the box with packing material (bubble wrap or newspaper) to protect the cell phones/PDA’s during shipment. Then completely seal the boxes with heavy duty tape
  • Complete the FROM section of each label (one for each box)
  • Stick a FedEx shipping label to each box
  • For a record of the shipment, keep the top three stickers
  • The numbers on that stickers are your tracking numbers
  • Have your boxes picked up by FedEx for free by calling (888) 777-6040 (have your label ready when you call) OR Drop Off your boxes at the nearest FedEx drop off location – to find the nearest drop-off location, log on to or call (800) 463-3339
  • Your check will be mailed 10 days after we receive your shipment – please follow the directions on the label

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Is there a minimum amount of cell phones/Smart Phones or inkjet cartridges that I have to send in each time?

To ship via FedEx, we require a minimum of 20 items. To ship via USPS, we request a minimum of 5 items.

What happens to the items after I ship them?
Once we receive your shipment, we sort and separate all the different models. Within 72 hours, we will send you an email that details how many items you sent, how many products qualified for payment, and what amount we will be paying you. Many people have an email filter that blocks our email, so feel free to call and find out how much your check is going to be if you don’t hear from us in 72 hours. Nothing that you send to us will be wasted. We recycle the broken cell phones/PDA’s, the inkjet cartridges, the cell phone/PDA batteries, and the cardboard box you send.
When can I expect the payment check to arrive?
Phoneraiser will mail your organization a check within 10 days of when we receive your shipment.

How much money can we expect to raise by conducting a Phoneraiser drive?

It is really up to you and your organization’s goals and commitment. We have had collection partners raise $20,000 in a single drive and others who have raised less than $100.00. Your organization does not have to sell anything – simply collect used cell phones/PDA’s and inkjet cartridges. There are over 500 million retired cell phones/PDA’s in homes and businesses in the USA. Like any fundraiser, your organization will reap the rewards of your efforts. Please review the Phoneraiser Resource Center section for a guide on how to conduct a successful Phoneraiser Drive. Please see the included Price List for individual cell phones/PDA’s and inkjet values.

Can I conduct a Phoneraiser program outside of the USA?
Yes, Phoneraiser is happy to recycle cell phones/PDA’s and inkjet cartridges from any location. However, Phoneraiser will not pay for any shipping costs from outside the continental United States.

What does Phoneraiser do with the cell phones/Smart Phones and inkjet cartridges it collects?

If a cell phone/Smart Phones cannot be reused in another market, Phoneraiser will absorb the cost of properly recycling it in accordance with state and federal EPA guidelines. Used cell phones/Smart Phones that have an economic value are refurbished and reused in markets utilizing compatible wireless technologies. Reuse reduces the depletion of our Earth’s finite resources. The proceeds from the resale of these used items enable Phoneraiser to continually expand its recycling efforts and provide less fortunate people a means of obtaining an inexpensive technology. All inkjet cartridges are recycled to be reused in the market.

Do we have to separate the cell phones/Smart Phones and inkjets or keep track of the different models?

It’s best to place inkjets in a Ziplock bag to keep ink from leaking onto the phones. Then you can place the bag in the same box as the cell phones. After we get the box, we separate the items and make a detailed inventory list. Please be areful not to damage the items when packing.

How can I find out what model my phone/Smart Phones is?

Remove the back cover from your cell phones/Smart Phones and pull the batteries out. You will see an I.D. tag on the cell phones/Smart Phones under the batteries. The cell phone model/Smart Phones # should be located on that tag.

What happens to information stored in the cell phones/Smart Phones?

Cell phones/Smart Phones that are recycled are completely dismantled, and through this process the information is destroyed. Cell phones/Smart Phones that are reused in other markets are “flashed” to allow new software to be loaded. This process erases the cell phone’s/Smart Phones memory and enables a new number to be assigned. However, Phoneraiser strongly recommends that donors clear the memories on their cell phones/Smart Phones of any sensitive private information before donating them. If your phone has a SIM card, please remove it before you send in the phone. In addition, donors should always ensure the service on any cell phone/Smart Phones they donate has been disconnected, to prevent fraudulent use. Phoneraiser will not be responsible for any information left stored in the memories of cell phones/Smart Phones donated or their fraudulent use.

Are cell phone/Smart Phones donations tax deductible?

The value of most phones/Smart Phones qualifies as a tax deductible donation. Please contact your tax professional for more information.  Click here for a tax deductible donation form.

Why are cell phones/Smart Phones so harmful to the environment?

Improper disposal of cell phones/Smart Phones is a serious threat to our environment. Every cell phone/PDA contains no less that eight hazardous materials including Arsenic, Antimony, Beryllium, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Nickel and Zinc. Disposing of these cell phones/Smart Phones in a landfill allows these substances to leach into groundwater and soil. Burning them in an incinerator releases chemicals associated with reproductive complications, cancers, and developmental problems especially in children. In 2012 alone, more than 130 million cell phones/Smart Phones will be discarded. One cell phone/Smart Phones can pollute up to 35,000 gallons of water.

What is the recycling process once your shipment reaches Phoneraiser?

Once your shipment of cell phones/PDA’s and inkjet cartridges are received at Phoneraiser, the box is opened and the contents are removed, recorded and sorted. Cell phones/PDA’s that do not power up travel down one path (are handled in one manner) and those that do have working capability travel down another (are handled in a separate manner.)

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Does provide collection boxes?
As a recycling company encourages groups to find and re-use boxes locally to be their collection box. You will raise the most money by decorating your box to be reflective of your cause. Put pictures of your group in action and then type up a big goal…”Help us collect 500 Cell Phones by XX date”. Paste that on the box and watch the phones start coming in!
What is minimum amount will send a check for? will no longer issue checks for under $5.00. If, for some reason, your check amount is less than $5.00, we will not issue a check for that shipment. Instead, we will simply add the amount to your next check when we receive your next shipment. If you choose not to send us another shipment, we will donate the amount to our favorite local charity, Chiapas International. Chiapas International provides microfinance loans to help bring women and children out of poverty around the world. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity to donate either your funds or your phones, please click here.